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Our mission is to break the cycle of disadvantage in our South West Sydney community.


Our qualified and dedicated team live among our community and are committed to our daily mission to reduce the barriers to security, wellbeing and attainment. Our programs are developed by a team of trained social workers and xx qualifications? whose qualifications are underpinned with deep insights to the sensitivities and nuances of the 52 cultures living side by side in South Western Sydney.

Daystar is supported by 6 staff and an army of local volunteers, working with a mix of 27 corporate, agency and organisational partners to deliver resources and funding through programs carefully designed to

The Daystar team links skills with capacity and local knowledge to pinpoint and respond to the changing needs of the community. Monitoring and measuring program results through surveys, data analysis and rigorous reporting.


All Daystar staff are certified mental health first aid officers.


B.SC., B.A.,

With a diverse background in consumer marketing; government relations; and B2B sales and marketing, Jill's focus is on understanding what drives demand.

Jill currently holds a senior marketing role with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

In an outstanding achievement, Jill was nominated as a Young Lion in 2018. Jill brings strong business and marketing skills to her role on the Board.



B.Bus., ACA, NDA, NCB Board Director

Ali worked for many years as a forensic auditor for the New Zealand Internal Revenue Department.

He has also worked as a chartered accountant for several accountancy firms in Australia, Fiji and NZ as well as consultancy roles in immigration and maths programming in schools.

Ali is passionate about soccer and cricket and has coached youth teams in both sports here in Australia and NZ.

IMG_9294 3.jpeg


B.Ec., LLB, Chair

Troy brings 15 years’ experience of innovating and working in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors to the Board. 

Troy is the founder of Pregnant Pause, best selling author of Being Dad and founder of the Real Men Project, as well as range of online platforms and retail products in Australia, the US and UK.

Troy is also the CEO of IncendioSA, a digital advertising agency specialising in google search and engaging social branded content.


Kingi Williams

B.A. Theol., Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kingi is the vision behind Daystar Foundation. He is responsible for the day-to-day co-ordination of key stakeholders’ involvement and support in the school and local community.

Kingi left the corporate world many years ago to pursue full time studies in Theology at Avondale College, Cooranbong. Kingi established and now pastors a non-denominational Christian organisation known as Church On The Edge. An integral part of the organisation’s ministry is its involvement in the community with Daystar Foundation.

Kingi has found time to serve the wider community as a board member of the Regional Development Council of the University of Western Sydney. Kingi’s interests include music (multi-instrumentalist including saxophone and guitar) and sport (an avid supporter of the All Blacks).


Board Director

Neil brings to the Daystar Foundation Board a strong background in youth work in both Australia and New Zealand.


Neil’s key professional focus has largely been geared towards training and employment for young people.


To this end, Neil has been employed by either Registered Training Organisations or employment solutions companies such as ORS and MAX Solutions.

Neil holds a range of industry recognised qualifications that align with Daystar Foundation’s focus on youth.


Neil has an accomplished background in sport, particularly softball and has coached two young men to Australian representative standard in the sport.


M.Soc.Sc., Co-Founder

Kingi’s wife, Mirika, has always been a passionate and practical advocate for vulnerable communities.

Prior to co-founding Daystar Foundation with Kingi, Mirika worked for many years with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI), Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and Disability communities, young people and families.

In January 2017, Mirika tragically suffered a life-altering illness in January 2017, and has since retired from Daystar Foundation.

David Day

Corporate Relations

David studied commerce at Adelaide University and shortly after joined Austrade as a Trade Commissioner.


He has held a number of senior sales and marketing roles focusing on Asia/Pacific markets.

He was the Foundation Director for 10 years at Redlands School before retiring in 2016. His primary role supporting the Daystar Foundation is looking after Corporate Relations.



B.A., Dip.Ed, Board Director

Dianna works with the Department of Education transitioning young people from school to employment.


She has previously managed a Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations initiative called iCareer Transition To Work, for a local community organisation in Macarthur.


Dianna has lived in the Macarthur region for over 20 years and has a vested interest in supporting local young people achieve their full potential.

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