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Daystar delivers community development, youth guidance, programs that contribute to the poverty alleviation framework as outlined by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals direct contribute to achieve a better and more equal future for all.

Our work focuses on the following goals, often addressing multiple goals in a single project:


For more information on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, please click here

Daystar Foundation is an independent, non-government organisation tackling poverty head on in South Western Sydney.

For 19 years Daystar has been targeting the most prevalent drivers of short and long term disadvantage in Fairfield, Campbelltown and Liverpool. Working to alleviate the hardship circumstances that commonly lead to poverty through unemployment, juvenile delinquency, economic hardship, refugee and migrant settlement.

Through strong partnerships and evidence based programs, Daystar provides multi-dimensional services designed to prevent disadvantage and incentivise a fuller engagement in life.

Daystar values connection with community, employing qualified local social workers and mobilising local volunteers and graduates from Daystar programs. Staff remain connected to the community pulse, present to the changing drivers of need and skilled to rapidly respond.

Since 2001 Daystar has served the lives of 2 million disadvantaged people through 13 programs with the support of 23 partners.

Daystars’ philosophy remains true to its origins, extending a family hand to all who knock on the door. 


Our Mission

To work collaboratively in creating supportive environments to deliver impactful programs in schools and community hubs.

Where we Work

About South Western Sydney

Daystar Foundation holds the Safeguarding Children Accreditation issued by the Australian Childhood Foundation. The Safeguarding Children Program is a unique voluntary accreditation scheme for organisations that have a duty of care to children and young people whilst delivering a service or activity to them and/or their families. This Accreditation demonstrates that Daystar has achieved and maintained best practice standards for protecting children and young people from abuse and exploitation whilst they participate in our services and programs.

The Daystar Foundation serves the South Western Sydney communities of Fairfield, Campbelltown and Liverpool, where the most pressing social issues are unemployment, housing, food insecurity, mental health and crime.

Fairfield city council welcomes more humanitarian entrants than any other city. Welcoming 11,819 humanitarian entrants between June 2012 – July 2017. On average 2,300 p/year and anticipating 15,000 entrants by 2023. Refugee settlement remains under resourced, placing additional pressure on local infrastructure.

Fairfield LGA is classified as a band 6, the second lowest poverty band in the nation with an average income of $503 p/wk.


140 languages live side by side across the South Western Sydney community, with 52% of residents born outside Australia. Creating a culturally vibrant region.

Our Impact


Daystar empowers disadvantaged people to develop the skills and motivation they need to make long-term improvements in their lives.

Our Impact is built on 4 intersecting pillars:


Our programs remain agile and adaptable to the changing needs of our community. The success of our programs is linked to our strong local presence, giving us the capacity to rapidly acquire knowledge, develop contacts and build connections.


Over 19 years we have forged local partnerships with Schools, Police, Food suppliers (etc xxx) to extend our community reach and increase our output.


Our funding partnerships sustain our programs, keeping us in operation and ensuring we can financially scale to meet the growing needs of our community.


We share our stories to educate people on the every-day situations causing disadvantage in our community. Our engagement work builds a vital link between our community and those who can help; becoming partners, volunteering, and mentoring.

Impact statistics

Daystar Foundation measures impact and reach through direct program outputs :

IN 2019

24,510 unemployed community members gained new skills through 8 x Daystar skills programs 300 local students were mentored by Daystar corporate partners across 12 months.

the highly successful mentor mates program

5,100 disadvantaged students have been mentored by 5,000 professionals

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