Each and every week of the school year, Daystar Foundation provides breakfast for around 2,000 children at 12 schools in South West Sydney.  Children who eat breakfast are more likely to attend school, be better behaved and have positive interactions with fellow students and teachers.


Skipping breakfast adversely affects a child's ability to concentrate at school, their social behaviour and physical development.

Daystar Foundation works with volunteers from the community including parents and school staff, to run our Breakfast Clubs.

What is Breakfast Club?

We equip schools with fridges, toasters, cutlery, plates and the like.


We arrange for the food and ensure it is delivered to the schools. We train the volunteers in setting up, breaking down and food handling.

Daystar Foundation launched Breakfast Club in 2001, after one local school conducted a survey of students' families that revealed nearly 70 percent of children were not eating a healthy breakfast, and that the staple diet of most children at the school was a “soup in a cup".


As well, another school reported significant truancy because there was no food at home, and so rather than coming to school they were wandering the streets looking for food, or stealing food. In a recent report, Foodbank estimates that 18% of children from food insecure homes go to school without eating breakfast.



Foodbank estimates that demand for food relief has increased by 10% in the last year. This reflects our experience too.


Foodbank estimates that 18% of children from food insecure homes go to school without lunch or money to buy lunch.


This is why we encourage schools to use the resources Daystar Foundation provides for breakfast to also provide lunch items for students to make their own lunches.

"Daystar Foundation has positively impacted the education and lives of more than 1.3 million young people over seventeen years through our Breakfast Club"

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