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Drop-in Impact engages young people, aged 15-24 years, at high risk of either entering the judicial system or transitioning from incarceration back into their families and communities as transformed individuals. The program:

  • Works with students to reconnect them with the school system

  • Where required, refers participants to specialist services to provide support for mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues and those needing stable housing

  • Assists with personal development, including determining  personal identity, aspirations and understanding employability skills

  • Delivers training for, and employment pathways

  • Providing advocacy

  • Case Management

  • Certificated courses in Warehousing, WH&S, Landscaping/Horticulture, Music

  • Work placement is also included as vacancies arise.

The course content also includes:


  • Mindset and self-development training

  • Housing sustainability and management

  • Youth relevance and inclusion

  • Financial literacy including personal budgeting

  • Employment and training

  • Work skills.



Drop-In Impact is in its second year, and during that time we have worked with 60 young people both via our community hub at Bonnyrigg Youth Centre and in six high schools.


To date:

74% of the participants have been male

59% are yet to be employed

26% are now employed

2% withdrew from the program

13% are receiving further assistance to ensure they are work ready


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